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Litigation Support services

We take away time consuming tasks from paralegal and free them up to focus on legal services.

Preparation of ECF ready Brief and case documents

Deposition/Trial Transcript Summary

Docketing and Calendaring

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Extended Back Office

We work in tandem with your client facing team and take care of all routine processes to free them up for better client services

Convenience store operation

Designated Doctor Exam Scheduling Service provider

Appellate Service provider

UNIQUE Solution

Medical Records Processing

Reviewing medical records made easy by organizing the records in chronological order and summarizing its contents.

Medico-Legal cases like PI, Medical Malpractice, Mass Tort, etc.

Insurance underwriting

Designated Doctor Exam, Independent Medical Exam, etc.

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Paralegal Companion

This is a web Portal offering  leads generation , tracking, and generating alerts on specific events.

Targeted leads generation, distribution of leads and managing leads follow up

Docketing, Case tracking, and generating alerts on specific events happening in the case

Analytics of Parties, attorneys, and judges

UNIQUE Solution

Parking Solutions

We offer AI / IoT based futuristic solutions for Parking lot spots availability reporting, managing paid parking, monitoring vehicle movement. We help you automate boom barriers, to implement your company or residential complex policies.

AI/IOT based solution for parking

Availability, monitoring and managing paid parking

Helps to automate problems in your company or residential policies

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Suspicious Activity Detection

CC TV Camera and DVR can only help you do postmortem of an unpleasant incident. Summit offers round the clock surveillance and provides alert when any suspicious activity is detected and sound an alarm to initiate corrective actions.

Helps to check unfriendly incidents

Alerts when suspicious activity occurs

Alarm to correct action

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