Summit Global Services

Transcript Digesting

One hour of deposition or one hour of trial transcript can result into at least 500 lines of transcripts. For a trial attorney to read this lengthy transcript is a very expensive proposition. Our Deposition / Transcript summary reduces the transcript reading time by 90%.

Our web based Deposition Summary solution provides enhanced tools for attorneys and paralegals to focus on case specifics in preparing their defense or filing appeals. It increases productivity and improves efficiency of the legal team to handle greater number of cases at competitive prices.
The digest is fully hyperlinked within the document and also to the exhibits, for quick review of the content.

Structure of the Summary

SUMMIT summarizes the transcript of proceedings on a day by day basis.  The content specifies the following:

  1. the page numbers on the transcript that contain the summarized information within a particular section (we also provide specific page numbers on which exhibits are accepted in evidence, and the page number on which the witness takes the oath); and
  2.  whether a particular section contains a witness’s testimony, addresses a procedural issue, contains a legal argument, or contains information that can be classified under some other non-repetitive category (e.g., plaintiff’s/defendant’s attorney’s opening statement or closing statement, jury instructions, etc.)

Use of the Summary

The idea is to allow a trial attorney to look at the summary and figure out quickly what happened in court and which part of the proceedings give him material to be used in the future.  The summary could be put to various uses.  The first use will be for purposes of an appeal.  Frequently, the appeal is conducted by a different attorney (either from the same law firm or a different law firm) or the same attorney after a significant time gap.  Thus, a summary like this proves very helpful in figuring out what arguments can be used during appeal.  For this purpose, a summary could be finalized within a few days of the completion of proceedings and used by the appellate attorney, and prove invaluable in ensuring that something important does not get missed in the process of reading through thousands of pages.  The second use would be in the course of the trial.  This is useful largely in a long trial where the attorney might find a summary of earlier proceedings useful.

Ways to Customize the Summary

The summary prepared by SUMMIT is structured to make it more inclusive, in order to enable the lawyer in question to determine what parts he wants to use.  There may be lawyers who would want the testimony summarized extremely briefly, but the legal arguments and other arguments summarized more thoroughly.

We provide lists of witnesses with a two line summary of their testimony, so that people need not read the entire testimony.  We provide a list of exhibits and where they can be found.  We prepare a reference list for page numbers on which various witnesses’ testimony can be found; or a very brief list of all legal arguments and where they can be found.

All kinds of permutations and combinations are possible, depending on what the attorney wants to stress.