Summit Global Services


Preparing appeals documents (Record/Appendix/Brief) requires significant attention to detail. Both content and format must be compliant with the rules of each individual court. Speed and accuracy are important but a quick response to changes and updates are even more important. Knowledge of appellate procedures, advanced reading comprehension, language proficiency, and computer expertise are the skills required for appellate document preparation. The SUMMIT team has all these skills along with the experience necessary to offer an end-to-end solution for all your Appellate Document preparation needs. Including: Covers, Tables of Contents, Records/Appendices/Briefs, Certifications, and more. Summit provides the following services:

Record / Appendix

  • Typeset covers (Single side, multiple sides)
  • Prepare Table of Contents (witness table where required)
  • Acquire Docket numbers/docket entries depending on the court of appeal
  • Prepare Certificates depending on the courts, Note of Issue, Argument Time Request, Statement of no other Opinion, etc
  • Apply Page numbers and headings
  • Convert Minuscript pages to Single Page (if required by the court)
  • Prepare Affidavit of Service
  • Prepare Subpoena, Stipulation 5532, etc (if any required)


  • Check the correct formatting of the brief as per court requirements
  • Typeset covers
  • Prepare Table of Contents
  • Prepare Table of Authorities
  • Prepare Certificate of Compliance

Digital Process

  • De-skew and De-speckle each page
  • OCR and convert to searchable PDF
  • Hyperlink Table of Content to Record / Appendix / Brief content
  • Hyperlink Table of Authorities to Brief content
  • Prepare Record / Appendix for ECF Filing

Other Services

  • ECF Filing
  • Upload completed documents to your On-line Document Repository