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Medical Records Processing

Summit Medical Records Processing services, include:


Summit simplifies your workflow by helping you organize and analyze medical records and analysis.

We organize medical records and extract the needed patient’s information and create easy-to-read reports utilizing our web based solution. Often the small detail contained in the medical records that can change the outcome of a case, is overlooked. we find that information, translate it into simple terms, and create clear, concise reports, bringing issues in front and center for your use in case preparation or defense.

Our system of medical records analysis is focused, and can progress in phases to put you in control. It is a system built to provide you with the most efficient and accurate service. Our services enable you to control and reduce costs.

Summit affords you the maximum flexibility in the types of medical record analysis reports you wish to bundle by case or group. Additionally, we prepare reports to suit your need, serving insurance companies, defense, plaintiff, corporations, medical doctors and a wide variety of experts.