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Do fuzzy pajamas make for better employees?

Working from home is an ideal situation for most people. Who doesn’t want to get out of bed, turn on the laptop, and have a video conference while wearing one’s favorite fuzzy pajamas. Come on, we all have fuzzy pajamas. It’s no secret.

Thanks to modern technology, software applications and devices, working from home has gotten easier and more common, according to the article Is Working from Home becoming the Norm? (A Survey):

According [a Skype survey], which includes responses from 1,000 professionals at about 500 businesses of all sizes, flexibility on in-office presence is, indeed, becoming the norm.

Around 62% of the companies surveyed already allow employees to work remotely. Of these companies, 34% of their workforce occasionally works remotely, and of that 34%, (Work from Home) -enabled employees say they spend around 40% of their work hours at home.

And businesses like it:

Of the respondents who were decision-makers and managers, 75% said working from home was becoming more acceptable, and 56% said workers-from-home were more productive.

What does this mean for you as a business owner? Means you can make offers and negotiate contracts without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Of course, person-to-person contact is always necessary at some point, but what if your client needs to have a conversation with you face-to-face, but you can’t leave home because:

  1. Your child is not feeling well and you’re the only one on duty
  2. Your pet parakeet just flew out the window (it could happen)
  3. Or you walk to your car and discover a flat tire.

So you suggest video conferencing and solve his or her problems – that alone can put your client’s mind at ease and save the day. Which ultimately means you were not missing in action when the client needed to get a hold of you.

At Smartsourcing Global, we are all about putting the intelligence in your hands that can help you get your work done. We know how to make you credible in today’s technological world.

And we too like the idea of staying home in our blue fuzzy pajamas. OK, so they’re more on the pink side, but who’s going to notice?

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