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ISO : 27001:2005 compliant operations
Our processes are designed to ensure a high level of security and confidentiality through stringent privacy policy implementations and compliance with international standards.

Process Control

Authenticated System Access:
All applications require authenticated access to the system using a login identifier and password..

Password Strength & Ageing
All passwords to contain at least 6 characters and they must include a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters.

Authenticated Server Access:
Access to complete data is limited to the system administrator and authorized personnel.

Inactive Session Termination:
The system administrator will designate the amount of time after which a session becomes ‘inactive’.

Data Partitioning:
The system administrators designate the physical separation of data related to different applications/clients and control the access rights.

User Activity Auditing:
The auditing system keeps a detailed log of the user activity along with a list of all successful and failed system login attempts.

Administrative Control

Confidentiality Agreement :
We require all employees to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to joining the company.

Recording Attendance:
We monitor each employee’s activity in his or her work area. During normal working hours, we do not permit employees to leave the premises without prior authorization from their supervisor.

Hand Baggage:
We do not permit hand baggage in the production area. No cell phone

No Removable Media on Workstation:
All our workstations are without any removable data media.
We have restricted all the rights on workstations to copy or delete files
None of the workstations have direct access to the Internet for browsing, email, IM

Security Guards:
We have efficient security personnel, guarding our facilities for all working shifts, seven days a week.

Employee Education:
All employees are thoroughly briefed on privacy & data security issues